Sunday, June 7, 2009

Create Web Content by Interviewing Experts

Don’t know how many of you have done this but one of the simplest and fastest ways to create web content is by doing interviews of experts in their niches.

For one thing, it’s a quick way to come up with an information product. The interview itself would probably take an hour or so. Of course, you do have to do preparatory work like setting up the actual interview and if you’re not too cognizant of the subject matter, you need to do some research in order to appear knowledgeable and professional to your interviewee and your audience. Still and all, it’s a pretty quick method of coming up with content. If you do a series of interviews, you can come up with a nifty information product.

Another advantage of doing interviews is that it enables you to leverage content from the gurus, leverage their celebrity name, as well as their traffic. Just think about it. Your expert invested a lot of time and effort to be knowledgeable about his niche. You haven’t, but you get the opportunity to profit from his knowledge and all the years he’s put into getting the expertise he has. If you do enough interviews, in time you’ll become somewhat of an expert yourself because of all the information you’ve managed to garner. And people will start seeing you as an expert.

Most likely, the expert you interview will be happy to announce to his followers that he’s been interviewed by you and direct them to a link where they can access the interview. Most likely too, the expert will have a pretty large mailing list. When his followers start to access his interview from your site, you’ll be able to capture them for your opt-in list.

An added advantage is that you get to become an expert by association. Just think. Your name will be associated with the expert. Your name will be there right alongside his on the website. Your photo too, probably. Do your job professionally and you will be regarded as a peer by the interviewee and your status with your audience will shoot up.

These are just a few of the more notable benefits of producing interview-based web content. You’ll reap a whole lot of good in exchange for the time and effort that you invest in this endeavor. Just make sure that you do your research well so that you can come up with original, unique, and thought-provoking questions that will elicit fresh information from your expert. You don’t want to come up with a trite, ho-hum interview that will make your audience yawn with boredom and say, “I’ve heard all this before.” Your aim is to stimulate your interviewee into revealing nuggets of information that he’s been holding on to. If you are able to do that, you’ll gain a reputation as an interviewer par excellence and perfect a simple and quick method for producing good web content.

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