Monday, June 8, 2009

Free E-Book on Internet Marketing Basics

As you know, I’m a sucker for free stuff. I know what they say about people putting more value on the things they pay for, and there are a lot of people like that. They don’t really appreciate something that’s GiVEN to them. Then there are the adherents of “the best things in life are free” philosophy. I tend to side with the latter. I see no reason to pay good money for certain things when I can get them for free.

And this holds true for knowledge. In this case, what we’re interested in is making-money-online knowledge. So on this post, I’m going to direct you to another free resource in the form of an e-book called Internet Marketing Instructions by Watson Fru Nji.

Over the past years, Watson has helped thousands of people make money online. He’s put his internet marketing experiences in this 62-page book. It’s loaded with the rudiments of how to set up an internet business – from deciding what to promote, setting up your webpage, creating an e-book or e-course, driving traffic to your website, making videos, using proper HTML, how to use Google AdWords effectively and a whole lot more.

What I particularly like about Watson’s book is that he instructs the reader on how to utilize and exploit free – or, at least, inexpensive – tools and resources, thus enabling you to start your business with minimal capital.

Those just starting out in this exciting field of internet marketing will benefit much from reading this book and did I mention that it’s FREE!!

So go ahead and grab it here or go to
Watson’s site

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