Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don’t Waste Time Chasing Fables

Those of you who are dipping their feet into internet marketing for the first time are understandably gung-ho about the whole idea. You’ve read all those testimonials and articles about the huge potential for profit that this form of e-commerce affords, and naturally you can’t wait to make your first online income.

I completely understand and relate. But I’d like to offer a word of caution to any newbies reading this. When you make the decision to get into e-commerce and you start doing your research on the subject, you will very soon find yourself deluged by offers of a host of money-making products and programs. Many of these are even offered to you for free. And of course you’ll grab them. Who doesn’t love free? But it’s going to be easy to get flustered with all the resources that you now have and to decide which one to follow. Everyone’s saying something different.

A common cycle that beginning online entrepreneurs go through is something like this: They buy an e-book that promises to teach them how to make quick money online. They then realize that with the methods propounded in this book, they might make some money quickly but only if they invest in some costly advertising or buy some expensive resources and tools. So they ditch this book and look for something else. They give the replacement a few weeks, but soon get dissuaded from following through because the methods it lays out take too much time and effort. So they swing back into looking for something that promises easy riches. Somehow this product fails to satisfy, and so the search is on again for something better, something different.

This scenario may sound ludicrous but, believe me, many have fallen into this pattern. Only after having spent a lot of time and money do they eventually wise up and get down to business for real. Others quit the whole idea as a pipe dream, believing that this whole internet marketing thing is a scam.

But it’s not a scam. People are making good revenue from online marketing. It is, however, important to realize that the people who are successful in this are those who have taken the time to learn tested and proven skills, techniques, and strategies essential for establishing a profitable online business. They took the time to sit down and separate the hype from the real. It took them effort and diligence, but in time they mastered it.

You can too. But take the time to learn. Don’t go running and chasing after every fabulous promise of easy money that comes your way. Like any business, a successful online business requires discipline and diligence.

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