Friday, May 15, 2009

Paid Surveys: Scam or Not-Scam?

The financial crisis, with its attendant layoffs and reduction of personal income for many, has sent people scurrying, looking for new income sources. Many have turned to the internet, in hopes of making money online. In times of deep economic hardship, it is tempting to go for the offers that promise quick and easy income. If you have been looking, you no doubt have come across ads that promise you $100 per hour in exchange for your filling out survey forms.

Now it’s true that companies do pay people for taking their surveys. But these companies are not the ones putting out the ads you see. Most of the time, the ads you see are put out by – I don’t want to be uncharitable here but this is really what they are – SCAMMERS. What they’ll do is ask you to pay a fee that ranges from about $35 to $50. In exchange for this fee, you get access to a database of companies that pay people to take their surveys.

Where does the scam come in?

1. Most of the time, by doing a little research, you can come up with these lists for free. No need to hand over your hard earned bucks.
2. The list is outdated or many of the surveys listed do not actually pay.
3. They compile information from the people who pay to access their lists and then sell the information to marketers.
4. Many of the testimonials from satisfied customers are phony.

You will find that most paid survey offers do not live up to their promise. You may be lucky enough to make money online from taking paid surveys, but you can most likely find the surveys to take without having to shell out some money beforehand. Let your fingers do the walking and do online research. I wouldn’t, if I were you, expect anything like $100 an hour though. At best, taking paid surveys is a good way to supplement your earnings, but don’t depend on it to provide you with a steady income stream.

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